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Having memories of making art at an early age, it seems I have always been fueled and impassioned by creating things with my hands. I have sketched, painted, sculpted, sewn, crocheted and engaged in other countless forms of art and craft over the years.  Then formally studying  graphic design, fine art and fashion design/merchandising later on, was like the icing on the cake.  For me, creating is synonymous with peace, joy and fulfillment.  When I am working on a project, I get in a zone and everything else just melts away.

 My 15+ earlier years of working and later running a small business combined with 10+ years in fashion retail sales, merchandising, buying and management caused me to grow in my own sense of style and confidence.  After serving countless people and helping them discover themselves, I didn't expect to find myself along the way.  I thank each and every client for giving me that gift.  It has helped to shape me into what I am today.

Over those years, as life got busy, full and satisfying, I slowly and eventually lost my connection with creating tangible art.  I couldn't seem to find the time in the midst of daily tasks, meetings, travel, etc.  The art of styling clients became my new release, which did fill the gap.  Until now.

I currently feel the need to get reacquainted with the hands on wonder that, at one time, was the center of my life.  Wanting to combine my love of fashion, styling and consultation with my new endeavors brought the inception of cdesign jewelry, a collection of wearable art inspired by my surroundings and experiences.  It is with great pleasure that I offer these pieces each painstakingly made by hand for those wanting a unique and personalized or custom jewelry experience.  I hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them.


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